Julie Martinez Mittelwest Reviews the Quintessential Points of Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy

What kind of breed is this?

julie martinez

German shepherds started as a herding breed that originally was bred from farming and herding type of dogs.  Please be aware, that German shepherd breed needs to be worked and exercised rigorously both mentally and physically in order to attain a happiest state of being.  If you can’t fulfill this requirement, another breed might be a better fit.

Where do you plan on acquiring a puppy?

julie martinez  mittelwest

If you want a pure-bred puppy with a long standing lineage, then going through a reputable breeder should be your option #1.  You can also look through your shelters and rescues as another option.

Julie Martinez Mittelwest reviews one additional, important factor that should be part of your decision making and recommends deciding on the sex of the puppy, before starting a search.  Although two sexes are similar, they will have some differences that concern the size, general character disposition, and whether you will want to have puppies at some point.

What to look for in a potential puppy?

julie martinez mittelwest

Julie Martinez Mittelwest reviews the fact that a potential puppy should have a temperament that is a standard for a German shepherd breed and compatible for your situation.  A potential puppy can be brought in for a variety of purposes (like farming, companionship, show dog), but should have a soundness of nature and an even temperament.

Where to look for a breeder?

Julie Martinez Mittelwest recommends starting your search through internet, checking out national German shepherd breed clubs, and then narrows it down to your local German breed clubs and getting opinion/recommendations from local members.  Another potential route of information might be your local veterinarians, dog groomers or other owners.  Consider visiting some dog shows and talking to reputable dog trainers there and getting their opinion on breeders.  You should have a good indication of what breeders are well-thought of in your local area after doing this.

How to choose a breeder?

Julie Martinez Mittelwest reviews her criteria for choosing a good breeder:

  1. A good breeder should be interested in her breed and should be interested in finding her puppy a proper home
  2. Good breeder should have a lot of positive references from her past and current clients
  3. Good breeder will be asking you many questions before allowing you to buy a puppy from him/her.
  4. A good breeder should not offer you a “deal” if they do not have a clean kennel; if act in anyway suspiciously, look another way.  Be wary of breeders that are in it for the money.




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