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Reviews Additional Tips Necessary to Raise a Good Dog

Teach Good Citizenship

Julie Martinez Mittelwest Kennels Reviews the essential elements, those that are required early in your puppy’s life.  The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life are a sensitive learning period – during this time socialization skills can be acquired and developed in earnest.  Make sure that during this growing period your puppy is used to all types of people, as well as different animals.  Bring treats with you; give them to people, so they could give them to your furry companion.  It will help your puppy form associations of good things for all kinds of individuals and form a kinder, less aggressive disposition in your dog.

Prevent Resource Guarding Early.

Puppies tend to get very territorial to all things close to them, like their food bowls, favorite people, toys, etc.  Work with your puppy daily to eliminate even mildly aggressive resource guarding behavior, thus protecting everyone involved (including the puppy).  When it’s still young, make sure that your puppy associates you and your family members and friends with good things when you or them approach their favorite guarded object.  You can accomplish this by supplying them with treats as you or family member approach.  Initially, teach children to show caution when nearing puppy’s items like food bowl or toy, until he learns not to do so.

Encourage Bite Inhibition

Julie Martinez Mittelwest Kennels reviews and warns that behavioral problems such as biting are the Number 1 reason why a lot of animals are relinquished to shelters or put to sleep.  Teach your puppy early not to bite, this is one of the most important lessons that you need to train your puppy on.  Establish yourself early as the pack leader will also help your companion remember that he must respect,obey and follow your commands, which in turn will help him curb this behavior.


Julie Martinez Mittelwest Kennels Reviews another important fact and reminds you to remember that your dog craves your approval, but also needs guidance and teaching.  “If he bites or attemps to bite, tell him “NO”!  Then close his mouth for a minute”, Julie Martinez suggests.


Do You Want To Breed Your Own Puppies?

Breeder Julie Martinez Mittelwest Kennels Wonder Lake IL explains the process behind breeding your own female German Shepherd dog.  It takes time and effort to establish and prove your female’s breed worthiness, find a proper stud dog and take the necessary steps to educate yourself about the breed that you chose.  Once this has been done, you are ready to breed your first litter.

julie martinezFirst step should be to contact the stud dog owner and make sure that the dog will available during the timeframe that your female is in heat.  Please make sure that your female checks in at proper weight, is in good health and condition.  If you find out that your female is under or overweight, you should wait until that normalizes before breeding her.  This can put unneeded risk for her and the puppies.  All of these conditions should be met in order to ensure that your female avoids all possible complications during pregnancy and whelping.

Julie Martinez Mittelwest Kennels Wonder Lake IL cautions to watch your female very close as she gets close to coming into season.  It is important to catch the first day of her heat.  Be aware of the fact that some females will keep themselves clean and it could be easy to miss that day.  If this is a case with your female, wipe her with a white issue daily and check for any signs of blood.

You can consider it the first day of the heat cycle when you notice any discharge.  Immediately contact the owner of your partnering stud dog and let them know that your female has entered her heat cycle.  You will also need to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian and have necessary testing done, such as brucellosis at this time.


You will also need to start thinking about doing the progesterone testing.  Some breeders will elect to conduct this type of a test at a regular interval, while others do not do it at all.  These tests can be expensive and it is sometimes required to do a few of them at a time and costs can add up.  However, be mindful that the added cost can be the difference between having a nice size litter and not having any puppies at all.  With this in mind, the initial added cost can be worth it.

Julie Martinez Mittelwest Kennels Wonder Lake IL is an established German Shepherd breeder in the greater Chicago area.

Julie Martinez German Shepherds Dissects the Breeds “Personality” and Temperament

Julie Martinez of Mittelwest German Shepherds profiles the breed’s prototypical definition, as stated in AKC Standard as following:  “has a distinct personality marked by direct and fearless, but not hostile, expression, self-confidence, and a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. The dog must be approachable, quietly standing its ground and showing confidence and willingness to meet overtures without itself making them.”

julie martinez mittelwest

This is a very good description for an ideal German shepherd Dog.  This is an ideal that every breeder should strive for; Julie Martinez German Shepherds are no exception.

These days though, it has become much more difficult to find a German shepherd dog that fits into the abovementioned ideal with high accuracy.  The temperament of the breed is all over the map.  Breeding lines that are bred more for protective purposes and the sport of schulthund tend to require a personality that is “hard-tempered” and business like in their approach.  You can expect to see show lines with a range from mellow to more energetic and hyper, to even less intelligent and goofy.  Going even further, if you account for backyard breeders, the temperament of the breed is diluted further and includes dogs that can be profiled as risky and that could suffer from a myriad of health problems.

Julie Martinez German Shepherd – notes that this breed’s energy levels can vary from highly energetic and vigorous to laid-back and relaxed. It is important to remember that regardless of your dog’s energy levels, the breed has certain requirements to maintain athletic shape, and needs brisk walking every day and all-out running often for optimal happiness and health levels.

Julie Martinez German Shepherd cautions that:  German Shepherds are a highly intelligent breed and need mental challenging continuously to be at optimal state of being.  Mental exercises like obedience training, agility tests, schutzhund, herding, etc. should be the most important part of your dog’s regimen.

Also, be sure to socialize your puppy early in their puppyhood in order to develop a stable, secure and confident temperament and have the dog be comfortable around all humans and animals.

Julie Martinez Mittelwest Reviews the Quintessential Points of Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy

What kind of breed is this?

julie martinez

German shepherds started as a herding breed that originally was bred from farming and herding type of dogs.  Please be aware, that German shepherd breed needs to be worked and exercised rigorously both mentally and physically in order to attain a happiest state of being.  If you can’t fulfill this requirement, another breed might be a better fit.

Where do you plan on acquiring a puppy?

julie martinez  mittelwest

If you want a pure-bred puppy with a long standing lineage, then going through a reputable breeder should be your option #1.  You can also look through your shelters and rescues as another option.

Julie Martinez Mittelwest reviews one additional, important factor that should be part of your decision making and recommends deciding on the sex of the puppy, before starting a search.  Although two sexes are similar, they will have some differences that concern the size, general character disposition, and whether you will want to have puppies at some point.

What to look for in a potential puppy?

julie martinez mittelwest

Julie Martinez Mittelwest reviews the fact that a potential puppy should have a temperament that is a standard for a German shepherd breed and compatible for your situation.  A potential puppy can be brought in for a variety of purposes (like farming, companionship, show dog), but should have a soundness of nature and an even temperament.

Where to look for a breeder?

Julie Martinez Mittelwest recommends starting your search through internet, checking out national German shepherd breed clubs, and then narrows it down to your local German breed clubs and getting opinion/recommendations from local members.  Another potential route of information might be your local veterinarians, dog groomers or other owners.  Consider visiting some dog shows and talking to reputable dog trainers there and getting their opinion on breeders.  You should have a good indication of what breeders are well-thought of in your local area after doing this.

How to choose a breeder?

Julie Martinez Mittelwest reviews her criteria for choosing a good breeder:

  1. A good breeder should be interested in her breed and should be interested in finding her puppy a proper home
  2. Good breeder should have a lot of positive references from her past and current clients
  3. Good breeder will be asking you many questions before allowing you to buy a puppy from him/her.
  4. A good breeder should not offer you a “deal” if they do not have a clean kennel; if act in anyway suspiciously, look another way.  Be wary of breeders that are in it for the money.